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Rodent Control Prep Sheet

Properly Set-Up Your Space for Success

Top Notch Pest Control Corp is a team of professionals, committed to effective and lasting rodent treatments. We want your mouse or rat extermination service to be successful and restore your peace of mind as possible. That is why we ask you to properly prepare your space for your treatment.

  • Remove items from under sinks
  • Completely clean out cupboards, closets, and pantries—including clearing off the floors and shelves
  • Remove all items from baseboards
  • Floors, cracks, and crevices are vacuumed or moped
  • Check for any chewing or gnawing marks
  • Remove everything from around your water heater or water heater closet
  • Share where you have seen rodents with our technicians when they arrive

Our exterminators stand behind our services 100% and will go above and beyond to deliver a solution that is customized for your unique needs. We will even speak with you about preventative measures you can take to avoid infestations in the future. No matter the extent of your rodent problem, we are here to help.

Our team is here to answer your every rodent control question. Call us today at (917) 540-9907.

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