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Roach Prep Sheet

Properly Prepare for Your Next Roach Removal Service

Our team at Top Notch Pest Control Corp wants your cockroach extermination treatment to be as effective as possible, which is why we ask you properly prepare your space before we arrive.

  • Remove every item from under your kitchen and bathroom sinks
  • Completely clean out food cupboards, closets, and pantries—clearing off the floors and shelves
  • Remove all items from around baseboards
  • Remove everything from around your water heater or water heater closet
  • When our technicians arrive, tell us anywhere you have seen cockroaches

Our exterminators treat for both German and American cockroach species and will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan to maximize results. We utilize both bait and other Integrated Pest Management solutions to keep your property roach-free, but it all starts with the proper preparation.

Have questions? We have answers. Call Top Notch Pest Control Corp today at (917) 540-9907 to learn more about our roach removal treatments.

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