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Mice and other rodents have been invading buildings for about as long as buildings have existed. They are notorious for their ability to sneak into spaces undetected by taking advantage of small gaps and openings. Once inside, they can chew wires—creating a fire hazard, as well as spread disease, ticks, and fleas. Instead of suffering through property damage or health concerns, turn to our professionals at Top Notch Pest Control Corp.

We are a local team of licensed, credentialed, and highly trained technicians committed to ridding your property of mice and rats through innovative and effective treatments. Our team offers industry-leading mice and rat control services to homes and businesses in Brooklyn and throughout New York and New Jersey. We are available for same-day service to restore your peace of mind as soon as possible.

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Why Contact Mice Exterminators in Brooklyn?

There is no doubt that the house mouse is one of the most troublesome and economically damaging pests in the country. Their feces contaminates food preparation surfaces while consuming food meant for us and our pets. Food poisoning is caused by bacteria in their feces. Mice constantly gnaw at objects in the home, including furniture and electrical outlets.

In fact, mice chewing on wiring is actually one of the main causes of house fires that are unknown. Additionally, mice multiply like crazy. Their average lifespan is 9 to 12 months, during which time they can produce five to ten litters with five or six babies in each litter.

Signs of Mice in Your Space

Mice are small, nocturnal animals; making them challenging to spot. That is why our team is sharing a few warning signs you can look out for, so you can solve your infestation sooner than later.

5 warning signs you are sharing your property with a mouse, or mice:

  1. Scratching or skittering noises at night
  2. Unexpected holes, tears, teeth marks, or frays in fabric, insulation, cables, and electrical wiring
  3. A collection of small, dark droppings
  4. A musky or stale urine smell
  5. Odd pet behavior, like pawing or jumping

Why Are There so Many Rats in Brooklyn?

There are a number of reason that there is a big rat presence in Brooklyn. Some of the most common include:

  • Littering
  • Improper garbage disposal
  • Lack of cleaning

How Do Mice Get Inside Your Home?

Mice get in by several different means:

  • Every time there is a gap the size of a dime around a structure, there is an open door. Once a mouse gets its head through, the rest will follow.
  • It is important to avoid cracks and gaps around air conditioners, doors, and windows.
  • Due to mice's tiny claws, upper-perimeter gaps should also be sealed since they can easily scale buildings.
  • You can also prevent these small pests from entering your roof by trimming branches and other plant life away from the roof line.
  • Mice can also access your garage. The edges of garage door seals are often cracked, so mice can easily get inside. Nine out of ten houses have these gaps.
  • A broken seal or an open door can also allow mice to enter.
  • The best way to prevent mice from entering your home is to store and seal food properly as well as maintaining a clean environment. While they eat a wide variety of items, cereals are their favorite. In addition to nuts, bacon, and meat, mice also consume lard, butter, and butter as well as other fats and proteins.

We Stand Behind our Mice & Rat Control Solutions

While mice and rats may look cute, the damage they can cause to your property and potentially your health can be catastrophic. If you suspect a mouse or rat has infiltrated your property, reach out to our local and family-owned extermination team at Top Notch Pest Control Corp.

We have over 35 years of industry experience and pair trapping and removal solutions with exclusion methods to deliver a complete rodent control service to properties throughout New York and New Jersey.

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