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Eco-Friendly Pest Control in Brooklyn

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When people think of pest control, it is all too common that they think of caustic chemicals and toxic fumes. However, pest control has come a long way from the “bombing” of pests, and our team at Top Notch Pest Control Corp stays at the cutting edge of our industry—utilizing a variety of family-, pet-, and eco-friendly pest management treatments. Our licensed and highly trained professionals have become the name in effective and eco-friendly pest control solutions to properties throughout Brooklyn and the greater New York and New Jersey area.

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Integrated Pest Management Methods

Pests can be insidious, which makes a multi-faceted approach crucial to lasting pest control services. Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, is a system that blends a variety of tactics, including biological, mechanical, cultural, and chemical control methods to deliver high-quality control solutions. This means that our technicians will thoroughly evaluate your space and, based on the scope of your infestation, will implement a customized treatment plan that utilizes a blend of methods, such as physical barriers, bio-pesticides, and property modifications to disrupt the pests life cycle.

Unparalleled Eco-Friendly Pest Solutions for New York & New Jersey

In addition to our IPM methods, we are specialists in performing Bora-Care treatments. This is a sustainable, borate-based product that effectively controls and prevents termites, ants, and fungus. We apply this treatment to the interior and exterior of your space to essentially remove organic materials like wood as a food source for termites—with the patented formula penetrating deep into the material for long-lasting protection. This method is so effective, that it is specifically listed by the International Building Codes as a viable alternative to soil-based solutions.

With some of the most advanced eco-friendly solutions on the market, Top Notch Pest Control Corp knows that eco-friendly doesn’t mean ineffective and we are proud to offer a variety of green solutions to our customers. Our licensed, credentialed, and insured team stands behind all of our treatments and will go above and beyond to deliver an outstanding pest control service.

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