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Bed Bug Prep Sheet

Properly Prepare for Your Bed Bug Removal Service

Our professionals at Top Notch Pest Control wants your bed bug treatment to be as hassle-free as possible, which is why we ask that you properly prep for our teams arrival.

Our bed bug treatment consists of two visits, rendered seven to ten days apart.

You must leave your home/apartment, along with any pets (excluding fish) after treatment and not return until at least 4 hours have passed since the completion of the treatment.

Do not put clean sheets, pillowcases, and blankets back on beds until treatment is complete.

  • Allow yourself time PRIOR to the appointment day to complete the preparation and set-up. This all must be completed before service.
  • Mattress and box spring encasements, labeled for bed bugs, should be purchased prior to service and put on all mattresses and boxsprings upon completion of first service.

The following is required for the most successful eradication of a bed bug infestation.

  • Clothing, linens, curtains, blankets should be washed in hot water and dried in a dryer.
  • All washed items are then placed in heavy duty plastic bags (i.e contractor bags -clear or black-)
  • Mattresses and box springs should be stripped of all bedding.
  • Lift mattresses and box springs out of the bed frame, and stand them up against a wall.
  • Furniture should be moved 16-24inches off of the wall.
  • All floors, cracks, crevices, mouldings and baseboards should be vacuumed and mopped, as well as all carpets and rugs.
  • Pay particular attention to the baseboards.
  • Closets should be emptied and made accessible for treatment.
  • Drawers should be emptied in all dressers, nightstands, armoires, etc.
  • Remove contents from dressers and nightstands, so that the interiors may be treated. Items should be placed in plastic bags and moved to the center of the living room.
  • All other miscellaneous items and objects should be placed in bags/air tight storage containers. (ex; books, electronics, photo frames, etc.)
  • Do not leave items on top of beds, dressers, or other furniture. Place all items in the center of the room. If running out of space, bagged items may be placed inside the bathtub (the bathtub will not be treated).
  • Remove every item from all closests, dressers, nightstands, etc.
  • Remove and wash all clothes, linens, and curtains and place them in plastic bags
  • Remove all items from around baseboards
  • Cover all mattresses and box springs with
  • Vacuum or mop all floors, cracks and crevices

It is very important that you follow all instructions carefully for a successful bedbug treatment.

Contact Top Notch Pest Control today at (855) 967-4681 to learn more about our bed bug solutions.

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  • “Highly recommended.. Amazing service.. so patient with me and all my questions. Didn’t rush out and walked me through everything. Truly never so happy.”

    - Annette Beale
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